1. Why buy a used Japanese car?

Japanese-cars are world renowned for their quality. Japanese are also famous for maintaining their cars in top-condition. Quality roads helping them to that end. So when the used cars hit the market, they hit them in good condition. At the rates they become available, they are definitely a bargain. Japanese generally sell their cars through auction houses and/or dealer network only.

2. Why buy from MYCAR?
MYCAR is a member of major Japanese auction houses and dealer networks. It gives us complete access to the best-available used-cars in the market. Having imported dozens of cars to customers, it gives us experience and expertise to provide the best of services to our prospective customers - in Pakistan or abroad.

3. How am I assured of the quality of the car I buy?
Japanese Auction Houses use a grading system - to illustrate the health of a car on sale. This helps us and the buyer in understanding the state of the car he is considering to buy.

Mostly the Grading System is as follows:

Like Brand New
Very Excellent Condition
Excellent Condition But Required Minor Attention
Good Condition But Need Few Repairs
Ordinary Condition But Need Minor Repair For Small Dents And Scratches
Partially Damaged But Repairable
Unsatisfactory Condition

4. Do I get the best of used-cars available in the market from MYCAR ?

Yes, you can buy a car whose quality is depends on your choice, obviously higher quality cars will have higher prices. Plus MYCAR is a member of many leading Japanese auction houses and dealer networks. This gives us total access to great number of cars that become available for re-sale in the market.

5. What if I don't find the car I am looking for in your stock?
No problem. Just let us know car of what Make/Model/Year/Price range you are looking for and we can buy it for you from the auction, we can make the bid in your presence to make things more trasparent.

6. How do I place an order?
Generally, the Bid is placed on-line directly on the Auction Site, small deposit is required to bid the car on our behalf(for you).

7. How long would it take you to ship the car I ordered?
Generally, once the Car is bought and the cost of the Car is paid, the car is shipped to Karachi and then to the Lahore, Islamabad or Peshawar by truck, overall average time of delivery is around 7 to 8 weeks.

8. How do I pay the money to you?
You could wire the money to our bank account. In the Following Modes of Payment:

  1. Pay Order
  2. Cheque
  3. Cash.

9. In what at currency should I send the money to you?
Payments should be made in Pak. Rupee equivalent to car price in Japanese Yen at that time. Then You can Pay the Rest of the Amount at the time of Delivery. 

10. Are the cars meant for right-hand drive only?
Most of Cars in Japan are Right-Hand Drive. And we at MYCAR only import Right-Hand Drive Cars.

11. What are the documents you will provide us?
After the vehicle has been shipped, cleared by custom at Karachi and upon the receipt of full payment, the following documents are handed over to the Customer, They are: -

Bill of Entry (Original)
Bill of Lading (Copy)
Commericial Invoice (Copy) 
Vehicle registration document (In English and Japanese, Copy )
All payment receipts (Original)
NIC/Passport copy of the person in whose name car is imported (Copy) according to the Car Import Gift Scheme Policy of the Govt. of Pakistan.


12. What are the additional expenses I am likely to incur?
There are absolutely NO additional expenses besides those agreed upon by MYCAR and our Client. If you receive the car in Lahore we will get the Car Polished, Compounded and get the Whole Cabin Cleaned by Our Specialists, 2 of them will Clean your Car for more than 5 hours before the Car is Handed Over to You, This is a Complimentary Service we Provide for Our Customers at MYCAR at Special Request and its 100% FREE !!!


NOTE:- We Dont Offer an Sorts of Bank Leasing Facilities or Insurance Policies, the Customer Arranges Such Matters Himself.


Thank You